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Jul 22, 2022

ESPN's new documentary "The Captain" is about more than just baseball. This seven-part series looks at the life of Yankee star and Hall of Fame inductee Derek Jeter. Host Bob Mann, a lifelong Yanks fan, talks about all aspects of the series with its producer Gabe Honig. 

Jul 15, 2022

The Emmy Award nominations have been announced. There are some very deserving choices and a few snubs. Hot Media host Bob Mann talks about the nominated shows and the state of the  television industry with producer and media executive Len Klatt. 

Jul 8, 2022

America has been plagued with mass shootings this year. Is there a link between these killers and their consumption of toxic social media content? Host Bob Mann and guest, Professor Paul Levinson, discuss this aspect of an alarming trend. 

Jul 1, 2022

Two great TV series recently ended their runs with sobering story lines about aging. On Hot Media episode 333, host Bob Mann and his wife/co-host Cathy Lundquist discuss how Grace and Frankie and This Is Us handled the portrayal of caring for aging parents and partners. Please listen and subscribe. 

Jun 2, 2022

It's easy to identify the villain in the war against Ukraine. Media coverage of war is not always that clear. Since World War 2, the media has gone through many phases when covering U.S. military engagements. In Vietnam, trusted TV anchor Walter Cronkite changed his stance on the war and turned the tide of American...