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Sep 18, 2022

Hot Media episode 403 "Reporters In Peril" features Bob Mann's conversation with veteran journalist Rem Rieder. The episode focuses on the recent murder of investigative reporter Jeff German. The alleged killer is an elected official who was a subject of German's reporting. German's murder is part of the bigger issue...

Sep 12, 2022

Award shows may be losing their popularity, but they are not losing their clout. This week's Emmy Award contenders say a lot about the state of television. On this episode of Hot Media, TV writer Len Klatt talks with host Bob Mann about the rise of streaming and the powerful adult themes of today's TV dramas...

Sep 5, 2022

Derek Jeter was a gifted baseball player. He was also a master of media management. Jeter's relationship with the media is the topic of the first episode of the new Fall season of Hot Media with Bob Mann. Gabe Honig, producer of  ESPN's documentary series The Captain, returns to the podcast to discuss Jeter's...

Jul 22, 2022

ESPN's new documentary "The Captain" is about more than just baseball. This seven-part series looks at the life of Yankee star and Hall of Fame inductee Derek Jeter. Host Bob Mann, a lifelong Yanks fan, talks about all aspects of the series with its producer Gabe Honig. 

Jul 15, 2022

The Emmy Award nominations have been announced. There are some very deserving choices and a few snubs. Hot Media host Bob Mann talks about the nominated shows and the state of the  television industry with producer and media executive Len Klatt.