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Feb 25, 2022

Putin's war in Ukraine dominates this week's news coverage. It raises moral, political, military and media issues. We are in awe of the courageous reporting and in shock over the comments of hosts who fail to call out Putin for what he is. Host Bob Mann discusses these and other war-related topics with Dr. Dan Cassino,...

Feb 15, 2022

NBC charged seven million dollars for 30-second spots on the Super Bowl. That's just one example of the power and reach of sports media. A website called "Sports Media Watch" covers this key aspect of the communication industry. Host Bob Mann talks with the site's founder and editor, Jon Lewis, about the site, its...

Feb 4, 2022

Facebook and its parent company Meta took a historic beating on Wall Street this week. What does this mean for social media, the Metaverse, privacy and investors? Dr. Anthony Annan, Assistant Professor of Finance at Caldwell University talks with Bob about the causes and the meaning of the multi-billion dollar loss.